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Tristan Ramos was born in Midland Texas to Jason and Cassandra Ramos. Tristan"s true love of music and desire to become a musician came at the age of seven. He had fiddled with the accordion before he could walk. The musical bug hit him when he got his first taste of live Tejano shows. His dream was to one day be on the stage performing himself.

  Hard work, determination, family support, and help from fellow musicians such as Bobby Gonzales has helped him achieve that dream. By the age of 10, Tristan was not only performing but he was also touring. At the age of 12, Tristan released his debut album "El Principio" which generated a lot of radio play. His since had released many more and continued to perform live. His goal continued to push forward and even a desire to start his own record label.  

   As with many artists, Tristan has be faced with many obstacles is his career but also faced one that would drastically change everything. Tristan faced a life changing event which lead to him requiring two seperate life saving brain surgeries. But even this is not stopping him. Tristan has overcome his adversities and is pushing on. His latest release Homenaje A La Mafia, produced by Eddie Perez is set to release Nov 18th, 2022. He has also teamed up with Tex Sound Music to help support his future plans to return to the stage even more determined.

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