Electronic Press Kits

Im an artist but I still wonder what is an EPK and do I need one? How can it help me?” - Independent Artists
  • What is an EPK?

An electronic press kit (EPK) is a unique tailored professional music resume that promoters, venue talent buyers, journalists, and music supervisors use to understand who you are as an artist, what you bring to the table, and ultimately why they should care about you.  A place to learn all about your band in one simple location without having to search tons of different web sites to piece information about your band.  (Time is money to fans and industry professionals alike and 2 minutes on a band site usually determines the opinion of a potential buyer)

  • Why do I need an EPK?

Having a professional place to expose your music helps your music stand out against other independent artits who only have a single point of exposure.  Also networking with other potential fans is the best way to expand your popularity and reach. 

  • How much does and EPK cost?

We charge a fee of $150 annually to keep your page up and running and this allows for unlimited updating of the web page to your liking. This comes out to $10.00 a month for a unique exposure tools compared to personal web page hosting what on average can cost $50-$150 a month.  For an extra $20 a year get a personal domain name set to your EPK that you choose.  And for an additional $20 a year on top of that, you get personalized email with the domain registration. 

  • Do I need to give up my music rights or sign a publishing deal with TSP?

No Never! Although we offer many other services to help you publish your music professionally, all content on an artists EPK page is artist owned and never copyright claimed by us!  

  • I have my own band web site, social media, and publisher already! How does an EPK benefit me?

Great, we count on that!  Understanding that you cant do it all alone and having a team behind you is the #1 most important thing.  So having a solid foundation already is a plus, this is where we will easily generate content for your EPK.  We embed all your current social media sites, videos, music, links, stores, etc that you control to allow for a higher chance you get discovered. We will work with your existing management and publishers. Your EPK will be easily shareable on all social media forms and compatible with all popular devices.  By being a part of a profession EPK network, this helps connect you to a unique professional industry and network of people you may have never reached before.

  • I'm thinking about starting an EPK, how do I start the process?

Send us a short message with your contact info and bands social media.  We will contact you and see what is the best content for your EPK.  We will auto generate most of the content from your existing sites and media and also request you send any additional media and input you would like to showcase on the EPK.  There will be very little work on your part other than sending us updated content and wishes for your page.  We will generate you a page, make it only viewable to you once completed and if you wish to proceed with launching your page, it will be made public the moment your $150 invoice is paid.  That's It!

  • The yearly price, ease of setting up, no risk guarantee, and not giving up any rights to my music all seem too good to be true! What is the catch?

There is No catch.  We have a passion to help independent artists showcase their music and vow never to claim ownership or try to secretly make money on an artists music.  We whole heartedly believe that the more artists we showcase, the more it benefits the artists.  Its simple Networking/Marketing 101.   Thus why we will generate a page to your liking before we charge you so there is no risk to you at all!  We want to earn your trust and also prove our worth as well.

The most destructive aspect of an artist's success is EGO. I Dont Need Help Because I Can Do It Myself is self limiting your potential.” - Tex