Tex Sound Music, operating as an independent record label was established by Aaron "Tex"Gonzales and Eddy "El Tejano" Gonzales in 2014. Co based in Atlanta Ga and Arlington Texas, they continue to build on their talented lineup of signed artists. In early 2024, Tex Sound Music created an affiliated division and labeled as Teja Disc Distribution in an effort to continue providing professional record label services to musicians, artists, producers, songwriters, radio, industry professionals and fans within the music industry that are not specifically signed to the record label. Whether you are a business professional or just a music lover at heart, we hope that you enjoy searching through all of our content and that you discover some great things.  In our site you will find new music, videos, artist biographies, Press Kits, and much much more. We pride ourself in being a one stop shop Record Label and now physical manufacturing and distribtion company for the artists we represent, and also to other independent artist trying to elevate their craft. We aim to provide services to independent artists who share in our vision of Unity and Teamwork in an effort to elevate not only their musical career but our industry as a whole. We are also proud to take the no nonsence approach when it comes to the crabs in the bucket mentality in our music industry and also refuse to be ruled by genre barriers and musical borders. Good music is good music and we support what we love!” - Tex

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We have many services just for artist just like you. If you are interested in becoming a part of what we are doing here at Tex Sound Music, please reach out to us.  We would love to help showcase your musical projects with a modern Electronic Press Kit.  Stand out from the rest and take your music to a new professional level.  We have very reasonable prices on our EPK's, and many other music services such as artwork design, publishing administration, and online distribution services.  Please check out the Services tab for more information.  



    Fans, please enjoy the content of your favorite artits all in one place.  Maybe even discover new favorites when you navigate our unique platform.  Lastly, If your a music lover and want to show support,  the best way is to share any parts of our pages on your personal social media outlets.  Just click the share links that are set throughout the web site or right click the address bar on any page and share that URL on any of your social media outlets.  Please be sure you tag @TexSoundMusic so that we can thank you.


     Several of our pages are great for networking with professionals in our industry.  Whether you are a Label, Artist Manager, Radio Station or even promoter there is content just for you.  Tex Sound Music wants to be not only a network for professionals and ask you to consider affiliating with us in Unity.  We would love to discuss showcasing your contributions to the music industry on our site and would love to be a part of yours as well.  Also feel free to review all of the pages which include great content such as artist EPK's, Merchandis store, Sponsored Radio Stations, and much more.

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