Luis AG

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Luis AG was born in San Pedro Garza García, Nuevo León in 1989.  He began his musical career in 2005 with local groups in the town.

One of the most known groups are Texadoz and the Monterrey Project.  He participated  in the Tejano Músic Awards in  2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018 with many great bands in the Tejano genre such as Ram Herrera, Marcos Orozco, David Mares , Chente Barrera, Jay Pérez, Hugo Guerrero, David De Anda (xelencia) and many othes.

  In October 2021 he released his first album independently.  From start to finish, his entire project was self produced, to include lyrics and arrangements by himself.  In most recent time with the help of Mr. Jay R Martínez, he has began collaborating and producing for other artists such as Alizé Niño (Bendita Ironia), Grupo Motivo (when he doesn't like anything), Randy Navarrete (La Ultima Mentira), Andie Bustamante (I love ).

Since 2018, Luis has his own group called Oro's Band and the  slogan "EL BRILLO DE LA MÚSICA TEJANA"   In 2022, Luis AG y Oros Band attended and performed at the Tejano Fan Fair 2022.  This was thanks to the sponsorship of Gadier Alejandro A Sosa and The Grill Team. 

Most recently In late 2022, after lengthy discussions with Aaron "Tex" Gonzales, he had agreed and since signed with the record label  Tex Sound Music.  The first single release under the new label is entitled Llega La Navidad and is available now exclusivlely on Tex Sound Music and will be available on all digital platfoms Dec 16th, 2022.  They plan  to release a self titled debit album early in 2023.

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