Adrian Solis

New Single Release Date 09/17/21

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     My passion in music started at the age of 6. The passion for my unique style of music came from a lifetime of musical influences. Growing up in a talented family meant that I was surrounded by different types of music.

    My mother Dominga Garcia Solis and father Oscar Eloy Solis exposed my siblings and I to the great wealth of music. When my mother realized that our destiny was to become singers, she gave us voice lessons that consisted of ,1hr a day, 4 days out of the week. Of course, my parents didn’t have the luxury to pay for professional voice lessons.

     Our lessons were provided by both of our parents which was the best luxury that any of us could have asked for. Our practices consist of singing Children’s Christian music, as my passion grew stronger and bigger my confidence grew with it as well. This inspired me to participate in more talent shows and sing for my fellow students.

     I became fond of Latin & American music. Anything from Bon-Jovi to Marc Anthony. As my confidence grew and my style developed my musical ambition continue to grow which lead me to take the next step of the start of my music career. With the help of God and my family I was able to finish my first music track and music video by the name of “Ya No Estas”.

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