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I am a guitarist born and raised in San Antonio,Tx . On my 9th birthday my mother bought me a cherry red Washburn guitar with a strat like body. Little did I know what this accessory would do for me let alone be able to fathom still doing it 20 years later. Having a single parent times were dire straits and lessons were out of the equation so I went to the drawing board. 

     In a couple years I’d be at Irving middle school which offered not only band but also mariachi. Sure I wasn’t paying homage to Satan with my power chords and cheesy Randy Rhoads rip off solos, but it put a guitar in my hands. I stuck with mariachi from 6th grade until I graduated from Fox Tech High School. 

     I went on to study classical guitar at San Antonio College while at the same time starting my first band with my best friend Gilbert Garza Jr. We named our band Valyrian which came from the hit show at the time Game Of Thrones. It was a great experience but it was short lived.

    From there I found my way into the Tejano scene playing with Isabel Marie who was signed under Abraham Quintanilla’s label down in Corpus Christi, Tx “Q Productions”. Being chosen to be kept after the auditions this opportunity was like opening Pandora’s box for me and saw the endless opportunities it could provide. In the industry I’ve had the pleasure of working with artist who dominate the genre from Ricardo Castillon from La Diferenzia, Stefani Montiel , Javier Galvan from FAMA and DJ KANE to name a few. It’s been a great journey and can’t wait to see what these next 20 years has in store for me .

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