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"Please No Drunk Texting"

Old Tejanos Still Got It” - Gary Naranjo


After several years as a musician and vocalist in the Latin music genre, Gary has recently ventured into the Country music scene. In late 2022, he surprised many of his lifelong Tejano music fans with his first single, "It's What I Miss The Most," which quickly gained airplay and positive feedback, encouraging him to continue on this new path.

Early in 2023, Gary released another Country ballad, "It's Mine," which solidified his enjoyment of this new-found musical market. Most recently, his catchy Country swing tune, "I'm Finally Single," has catapulted him into a much broader audience and Country market, garnering him more recognition than ever before.

Gary is set to release a few more tunes this Spring and Summer, so keep an ear out for his latest music. Despite his new venture into Country, Gary remains active in Tejano music and plans to surprise listeners with a unique arrangement in his upcoming single, thanks to his partnership with the musical genius and producer, Miguel Hernández.

Don't hesitate to share Gary's music with all your friends and family. You can download all of his music and purchase his merchandise on this site. With his blend of Tejano and Hee Haw-inspired Country music, Gary is sure to please fans of both genres with his signature style.


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