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New Single 07/29/22

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     Jordan Rodriguez was born on June 15, 1993 in Snyder, Texas. All his life, he has lived the music life following the footsteps of his father. Jordan began the stage life at the early age of 4 getting on stage with his dad’s band, Johnny Rodriguez y Conjunto Mi Gusto. Jordan’s first accordion was one he created out of Dr. Pepper box. He would stand on stage and play and sing every song the band played. Getting older Jordan would perform at all events, even night clubs with “Mi Gusto”. The band participated in several battle of the bands competition in Lubbock, Tx., where the band brought home 4 first place trophies with Jordan on accordion at just the tender age of 8.

     At the age of 12, Jordan participated on the bands album produced by Hacienda Records recording the final three songs of the album “Dedicado Para Ti”. Moving on, he helped the band produce one more album.

     By the age of 16 Jordan started writing his own music and creating his own sounds that he would get off of listening to his favorite band Grupo Siggno. Around this time, Jordan received the opportunity to meet Jesse Turner and got to play along side the band many times in the west Texas area.

     In 2016, Jordan finally released his first single as a solo artist titled, “Siempre”. The song is an original written by Jordan Rodriguez, recorded at cafeteria records in Snyder and mixed and mastered by Charles Sanchez of Lubbock, Tx. This awarded Jordan his first time being played on the radio station as a solo artist. Shortly after, he released “A Puro Dolor” a cover by Son by Four that can still be listened to on all major music distribution platforms.

     After releasing A Puro Dolor in 2017, Jordan took a break from trying to kick off his solo career to marry his girlfriend of 3 years and raise his two daughters, while taking on a new job in the oil and gas industry. During this time Jordan continued to write music and follow his passion. In 2019 Jordan wrote and produced a song for his Dad’s band, Conjunto Mi Gusto, called “Te Extrano Mama”. After this release, he went back to long time friend Eduardo Arellano of Cafeteria Records to discuss the possibility of releasing a full EP of original songs he had built up in his arsenal.

     In July of 2020, Jordan released his EP “2020”. The EP opened some doors for Jordan and his song “Contigo” received airplay and hit some top 20 charts. In November of 2020, he reached out to musical genius and power house producer Eddie Perez and began the talks of releasing another album. After a few weeks of talk the two began the production of Jordan’s recently released album “De Nuevo” which is available on all digital platforms.

     Jordan has shared the stage with many artists including: Siggno, Vision, The Hometown Boys, Jimmy Gonzales y Grupo Mazz, Albert Zamora and even getting to tour a weekend on the road playing accordion for Grammy Award winner Elida Reyna y Avante recently.

     Jordan plans to start production on another album October of 2021 once again under the wing of Eddie Perez, but this time as his new band name, “Asalto”. Jordan hopes to take the big stage one day and win the hearts of all Tejano/conjunto music fans all over the world. Be sure to follow Jordan on Facebook and Instagram to keep up with his musical journey! God Bless!


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