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Miguel Hernandez is a Texas based singer, songwriter, musician, producer and now CEO of his own Record label R.A.W. Elements Music Group. 

Born and raised in Detroit, MI. Miguel found his way to Texas performing and recording under Capital EMI with Stephanie Lynn and High NRG. This opened many doors to share the stage with many other artist, such as Jay Perez, Ricardo Castillón, Stefani Montiel, Patsy Torres to name a few.  

Miguel’s solo career started with the release of his 2003 independent self-titled album Miguel Hernandez & the Nu Groove. With the help of Grammy nominated producers Ernie Gonzales and Percy Cardona, Después de Mucho and Life in Lyric were soon to follow under the Ro’ Records label which showcased Miguel’s heart wrenching, self penned lyrics and progressive twist on a well-known genre. “…Miguel is a very unique artist, because he pushes the limits in Tejano music. It’s never a basic cookie cutter performance, it’s technical in music, yet danceable, with very deep lyrics” says Grammy nominated producer/musician Ernie Gonzales. 

After a brief hiatus Miguel released Hijo Querido in January 2016, a very personal song written for his son’s, expressing fatherhood through his eyes. Due to a tremendous response from his fans on this single, fueled a craving for new Miguel Hernandez music. Miguel returned to the studio, releasing the highly anticipated 2017 EP, Sigo Con Lo Mio and following up with the 2019 release Inspiración under the Ro’ Records label. 

Over the years, Miguel has guested on other countless artist’s albums including the latest from Kompleto, Monica Saldivar, Robert Leal, Shelly Lares, Sunny Sauceda and many more. Now with Miguel’s own label R.A.W. (Ruthless And Wanted) Elements Music Group, Miguel produced and arranged the latest solo project from Roel Martinez Soñador de Amor, landing on the top charts in 2019. 


“So much more to come, I’m blessed to have the opportunity to work with great artists and still release my own music…” says Miguel. “2020 is going to be a great year for new music, new projects and many new suprises”