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     Crystal Torres always envisioned herself in Tejano music. Growing up on a steady diet of Tejano greats like Ruben Ramos, Sunny Ozuna, and Little Joe, and watching the talented Shelly Lares and incomparable Selena left an indelible print on her soul. As she taught herself to sing, finding, strengthening, and refining her voice, she took her first steps on a journey of a thousand... miles away from her hometown of Des Moines, Iowa, to the Tejano music mecca of San Antonio, Texas.

      After completing her graduate education, Crystal set her sights on San Antonio in late 2009. New to town with nothing but a dream and a song in her heart, she contacted legendary Grammy Award-winning producer Gilbert Velasquez. The collaboration was a great fit, and produced her debut album, Corazón de Crystal, an impressive, unmistakably and unapologetically Tejano project released in early 2013. Crystal’s voice shines brightly on each track, but standout selections on that album include “Llegaste Tu,” the bilingual “Tres Palabras,” “Llevas Mi Nombre” with Chente Barrera, the mariachi-inspired “Echame a Mi Culpa,” and the romantic “Amor Eterno.”

     With her fresh take on a classic sound, Crystal is polishing and contributing to a proud musical tradition which resonates with fans everywhere.

     Like many newer independent artists, Crystal has faced many obstacles, but has forged her own path with her trademark "never give up" attitude. Winning Best New Female Artist at the 2014 Tejano Music Awards, Crystal established herself as a force to be reckoned with. Always forward-thinking and relentless, Crystal continues to impress veteran musicians and fans alike with her natural talent and passion for music. Look for more from this hard-working vocalist in 2023 with her 2nd yet-to-titled album produced by renowned Tejano musician and producer, Shelly Lares.

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